4 Telltale Signs It's Time For A Sofa Replacement or Upgrade

Many individuals decide to replace their couch when the arms break off and the cushions burst.

There is a decent middle ground between the two. A Calgary sofa purchased today has an average lifespan of seven to fifteen years, but there are warning indications that it's time to start shopping for a replacement before the arms come off.

The Odor Is Unpleasant

Scents can accumulate in the upholstery and padding beneath the sofa if dogs, children with leaky diapers, and sweaty bodies and feet are not kept away from it. Vacuuming and steam cleaning regularly assist, but smells may eventually triumph. If a room never smells fresh after cleaning, it's time for a new couch.

You didn't choose a scratchy couch fabric, yet you're itching after a nap and may have red welts on your legs. You might have bed bugs. What better time to get a new couch?

The Couch Is Too Large for the Space

People who live in a mobile society may have that first couch they bought after college for a leased apartment that now seems out of place in a large family room in their new house. Or they downsize, cramming the enormous sofa into a new, smaller location that obscures the views from the windows.

Smaller sofas can be relocated to a bedroom or workplace. However, in compact rooms, a couch should not be crammed between other pieces of furniture or placed so that it rubs against another surface whenever someone sits or lies down. This may result in severe fabric wear and damage to the frame. It's time to replace your couch.

The Upholstery Appears To Be In Poor Condition

There is a distinction between altering your décor colors and preferences and having frayed, faded, or excessively discolored upholstery. Most textiles will wear out over time due to constant use, jumping children, and dogs. Even on leather, some damaged areas may be repaired, but the material will ultimately expose the padding beneath.

A sofa fades right in front of a window that receives direct sunlight. Not only will the color alter, but UV rays from the sun will weaken and shred the strands.

Stains are unavoidable if the couch is used at all. When an accident happens, spot cleaning should be done as soon as possible, and a comprehensive upholstery cleaning will brighten the fabric's appearance and aid with unwanted odors. You may buy cleaning supplies, rent or buy steam-powered cleaning equipment, or hire a professional cleaner.

You Start Hearing Creaking Noises

You may hear squeaking, popping, or creaking when someone sits on the sofa, which suggests structural problems. A fault with the joints on a wooden or metal frame, or a weaker metal spring, might cause the noises. Hardwoods and screws were frequently used in the construction of antique furniture. Low-cost furniture today is made of engineered wood, staples, and epoxy.

Unless the couch is older or a valued family artifact, fixing structural issues and replacing upholstery may cost almost as much as purchasing a new sofa.

The cushions have been flattened, and the lumbar support has been removed.

If the carpet provides more cushioning and support for your nap than the drooping sofa cushions, it's time to replace it.

If the upholstery on the rest of the sofa is still in good condition and easily removable from the seat cushions, you might be able to renew the couch by just changing the stuffing.

Pillow inserts, solid foam trimmed to size, or loose and shredded foam can be used to cushion seat cushions. Measure the length of the couch between the side arms and the depth of the seating area to provide the seat cushions with greater support. Place a 1/2-inch thick piece of plywood cut to suit the area under the cushions.


If you think your couch or sofas in Calgary are beyond repair, or you believe it's time for a change, make sure to drop by a furniture store in Calgary for your options. Check out the latest, modern styles to decorate your house with a more contemporary vibe!

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