Find the Best Dining Set for Small Spaces

Whether you own a house or reside in an apartment, dining sets are essential to complete your living space. These pieces of furniture can enhance an area's aesthetic appeal. They can also provide functional comfort during mealtime, allowing people to create cherished moments and commemorate crucial celebrations. 

However, finding the proper dining set can be tricky, especially with limited space. You want your furniture choices to look good in your tiny room without occupying too much space. Fortunately, careful planning and considering your needs can help you find something functional and stylish. 

If you want to create a tiny but aesthetically appealing room, this article will help you find the best dining set for your living space. 

  1. Determine Your Space’s Primary Use

Whether using your dining room for formal events or casual family meals, you must determine the space's primary purpose to choose the best dining set for your needs. You can pick an extendable dining table if you usually entertain large groups. However, if you like eating alone, a small table and two chairs would do. 

The number of chairs you need will also depend on your family’s size and how often you entertain. If you have limited space, consider chairs you can easily store afterward. On the other hand, if the room doubles as a work or study area, find a dining set with storage features for different items. 

  1. Measure the Space 

Before getting a dining table, you must measure the space where you’ll place it. You should know the area’s length and width and ensure enough room for everyone to maneuver the chairs comfortably. 

Interior decorators generally recommend leaving at least 35 inches of space behind the chairs to allow you and your guest to move around quickly. That way, you can determine the table’s appropriate size and the number of chairs that can fit. 

  1. Consider the Table's Shape 

Oval or round tables are ideal for tiny spaces, as they don't have corners that occupy more space. They also facilitate conversations and create a cozy ambiance. On the other hand, a rectangular table may be more appropriate for narrow dining areas. They are perfect for bigger groups and formal dining. 

  1. Consider the Material

Like other furniture or items in your apartment or small house, you must consider the dining set's material to create a comfortable eating experience for everyone. Wooden tables create a warm atmosphere, while glass tables create a more spacious feeling. 

However, glass tables aren’t suitable for Feng Shui dining room rules as they can create feelings of insecurity. You should also know that wooden tables can be heavier and difficult to move around if you need more space. Ultimately, your preference and your home’s interior design will determine the best material for you. 

  1. Consider the Style 

Find a dining set that matches your home’s style and taste. A sleek and minimalist option works best for your modern home. On the other hand, a classic wood table and chairs are ideal if you want a natural vibe. 

  1. Pick Lightweight Chairs

Lightweight chairs are easy to move around, stack, or keep aside when unused. Find those built with light materials like plastic or aluminum, as you can quickly move them around the room to suit different seating arrangements. 

  1. Find Space-Saving Features

Learning to save space is crucial, especially in a cramped apartment or tiny house. Fortunately, manufacturers create certain dining sets for small rooms with elements that don't take up too much space, like collapsible chairs, extension mechanisms, and drop leaves.


You deserve to dine comfortably with your family and friends, even with limited space. You can find the best dining set for your tiny house or apartment by considering your needs, measuring the area, and choosing the best style and material. 

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