Telltale Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Old Recliner

At the end of every day, some of us head home to relax in our recliners. How can you tell if it's time to replace your recliner? Here are a few signs that it needs an upgrade.

Telltale Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Old Recliner

1 - It's Uncomfortable

A chair that you can't sit in comfortably is an upgrade in order. There's nothing worse than the feeling of pressure in your lower back when you're trying to do some chilling out. If the chair is too old to be comfortable, it's time to upgrade to a new one.

2 - It's Old And Sagging

If you've had a chair for years, it's time to replace it. Sagging cushions can cause back pain as you're sitting in the chair. It's time to get rid of it and get a new, modern-looking chair.

3 - It's Filled With Cracks And Holes

The cushion and upholstery of your chair will start to wear thin and can be easily damaged. Look for any holes or tears in the chair. If you find them, replace the chair.

4 - It's Faded and Discolored

The upholstery on the chair should appear clean, white and vibrant. Over time, the fabric will start to appear faded and become discolored. That's a pretty obvious sign that you need to replace your chair.

5 - It's Missing Small Parts

While a missing arm rest or broken hinge is nice to have fixed, a missing button or torn cushion is reason enough to get rid of it. Don't wait to get it fixed. A chair with missing parts should be replaced immediately.

6 - It No Longer Supports Your Body

If the chair doesn't have adequate support for your lower back, it's a good idea to get a new chair. The lack of support for your lower back will not only cause back pain but can cause serious injury.

7 - It Makes Strange Noises

Have you ever sat down in a chair and heard a crack come from the chair? It's a good idea to get rid of the chair and purchase a new one. Chairs that make strange noises tend to break.

8 - It's Stained And Dirty

If your chair is stained, it's due for a makeover. If it has stains from spills or dog hair, it's time to get rid of it.

9 - You Want a New One with Updated Features

Are you tired of the old recliner you've had for so long? It might be nice to get a new one with a more modern style. Maybe you're becoming bored with the same old color. If you're feeling the need to change it up, it's time to shop around for a new chair.


Recliners come in many styles. Take a look at what's out there and make an informed decision on which one will work best for you. As well, shop around and compare the prices to find the chair that's right for you.

You deserve a good-quality chair that you can enjoy for years to come. Eventually, you'll want to replace your chair, but if you follow these steps, you'll get many years of enjoyment out of it.

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